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    Summer Research Opportunity

    Charles Tritt

      Here is the text of an e-mail I received regarding a summer research opportunity for juniors and sophomores....


      We are now accepting applications for our NSF REU site focusing on Research Experiences in Neural Engineering.  Applications are due Feb 15th.  Please post and distribute to your undergraduates.   If the students have questions, please direct them to Candida Rocha atrocha@adm.njit.edu.


      Thank you.


      Bryan J. Pfister, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor
      Department of Biomedical Engineering

      New Jersey Institute of Technology
      619 Fenster Hall
      323 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
      University Heights
      Newark, New Jersey 07102-1982
      973-596-3401 academic office
      973-596-6061 or 6363 laboratory
      973-596-5222 fax