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    what i find disconcerting about msoe not calling off classes

    Alexander Kollman
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      catering to the privileged. do we have a lot of kids in the dorms? yeah. but it's a huge privilege to stay in the dorms. do you know what it costs to stay there? i was there for one year (mandatory) before i got out. do we have a lot of kids within a 5 mile radius? yeah. but it's a privilege to have a reliable means of transport to get to campus. it's not like our IDs double as a bus pass like every other milwaukee college or university and even so, waiting on a bus that might be delayed and might not even take you directly to campus in the first place is dangerous. is it okay to slight the minority population of the student body in favor of the majority? or do we expect them to bank on professors' leniency for absence on a person-to-person basis?

      someone: it's just one day, not a huge deal.

      me: sure, but it reflects the administration's disposition.

      this coming from someone who is fortunate enough to live across the street from 80% of my classes