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    Volunteer Work as a Club

    Adam Meek

      Over the break, I was at home in Ft. Worth, Texas, where I met up with the Hurst Amateur Radio Club (W5HRC). It was very interesting to see how other ham clubs operate. The club consists of mostly older men, almost all of who have general class licenses or above, however, the club was mostly active on VHF/UHF. (In fact, the club only owns one HF radio.)


      As a club, they did a lot of volunteer work, such as their black friday mall watch. During the Thanksgiving holiday, they coordinated with the Hurst police to help keep an eye on the mall. Cat (KC9IBZ) has also mentioned that she has participated in something similar with hams in the Waupaca area.


      I don't know if any of the clubs in the Milwaukee area do anything similar, but I think we as a club should think about doing some volunteer work if we can, either to the city or to MSOE. It would be a great service to the community and would promote our club.


      If there is interest, we can talk about it more at the meeting.


      73 de KC9ZQJ


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          Richard Phillips

          Yes, emergency and public service is another aspect of amateur radio.  The good news is a tech class license is really all that is needed for VHF and UHF.  I think there are several clubs in the Milwaukee area that specialize in emergency communication and practice regularly.  Superfest at Amateur Electronic Supply is coming up in April and most of the local area clubs will be represented.  A good place to gain information on what other clubs are doing. 

          de AA9L