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    Best Discussion of the Week(end) - My New Blog "Rick-A-Pedia"

    Richard Gagliano
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      It's the end of the week, the weather outside is rainy, cold, icy...so on days like this...you can stay in, take a break, and read my new BLOG. I am calling it RBG's "Rick-A-Pedia". RBG's "Rick-a-pedia" Blog

      This blog (which I hope to update on a regular basis) will offer my thoughts and opinions on issues that I feel are important...along with my willingness to provide my thoughts and opinions on issues shared with me.

      However, you may also find that I am posting something that I just found interesting, enjoyable, creative, unique, historical, political or fun.

      I am not here to repeat news stories or cute little postings that you might find on Facebook...but things that you might go "hhhmmmm" to or "huh".

      So I hope you will consider following my new BLOG and I hope you will feel welcome to comment on any posting you may see...or share it with others.

      Disclaimer: Please note that the comments, views, opinions, posts, etc that are a part of "Rick-A-Pedia" are not endorsed nor reflective of any other person, group, body, organization, etc. (Just thought it would be fun to have a little disclaimer).