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    Dryhootch Event: Return of the Veteran's Trek Team!

    Lena Scheibengraber

      On Saturday, February 15th, from 1-3 pm, people from all over Southeastern Wisconsin will gather at the Milwaukee County War Memorial to witness Tom and Anthony end their 2,700 mile journey in California & plan to arrive at the Pacific Ocean.

      In case you didn't know about these guys, Tom and Anthony are both Operation Iraqi Freedom vets and are walking across the country (from Milwaukee to Los Angeles) for many reasons. The first, they said, is to raise money & awareness for a great resource to them- Dryhootch. Secondly, they are walking to raise awareness of Veteran Issues in America. As they said "Yes, we all know we have been involved in wars. Yes, we all know we have Veterans in this country. Yes, we all know some Veterans are struggling today. Ask yourself, ask friends, ask coworkers what some of those issues are and then guess how many Veterans are influenced by the issues. Most people have no idea because most never serve, but we all benefit from the service of military members and Veterans provide. It’s time we start paying attention. It’s past the time we need to begin to act." Lastly, they were hoping to have fun.


      Interested in following them on their journey? Check it out here: VETERANS TREK | Walking With a Purpose