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    Why the Radar School of Business?

      To the current MSOE Business Students, there are a lot of really great business programs out there. Why did you choose MSOE for your business degree? What stood out to you here that didn't at other schools?

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          Mollie Zuberbier

          Hi Elle! I am a senior at RSOB right now, and am happy to answer your question. Of course there are many reasons I chose MSOE and the business school here, but I'll share with you just a couple of the main ones.

          First of all, the class size is really a plus. I've never been in a class over 30 students, and because of this I am really close to many of my professors. I can walk into their offices anytime, they know me by name, and are always willing to help students out in any way. Another reason I chose RSOB is because of the exchange programs they have with schools in Germany and Italy. If anyone is interested in studying abroad, I would highly recommend these programs. A number of my friends and I studied in Germany last year, and it was an awesome experience. One last thing I would like to mention is the fact that we are on a trimester system-  this gives the business students here a chance to take more credits, and to take more specialized classes.

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            Michael Payne

            Elle -

            Great question.  Many people don't think of MSOE University for Business, but in reality, our business graduates who understand the technology are in high demand by companies.  We have a very strong 96% placement rate at MSOE, and our graduates typically command higher starting salaries than graduates from other Wisconsin schools.  One of the key differences in our program is that you start your freshman year as a business major, taking business classes.  All of our faculty have 10+ years industry experience we bring to the classroom.  Alumni have consistently told me that the projects they completed in their business classes are just like the work they do for their jobs -- and then they often get promoted!


            If you are interested in visiting the school, or even sitting in on a class, I am happy to set something up with you.  My contact information is paynemj@msoe.edu -- or my phone is 414-277-7589.  Please let me know if you have any other questions about our program.


            And like Mollie said -- with the small class size, we do get to know every student by name.  You are always welcome to stop by my office to chat about anything -- from the Packers (or Bears), to the coolest commercial you just saw on TV, to why some company would create a product, to what's going on around campus.  The door is open.



            Michael Payne

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