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    Meeting and Officer Nominations - Monday, February 3rd, 2014

    Brett Kash



      We will meet as usual tomorrow (Monday, February 3rd) in CC-44. We will have new officer nominations tomorrow so think about who you might want to nominate for a new officer position. You are welcome to nominate yourself or another person. Below are the elected positions we will accept nominations for tomorrow.


      1. Officer Positions:
        1. President
        2. Vice-President
        3. Treasurer
        4. Secretary


      1. Chair Positions:
        1. Outreach Coordinator*
        2. Fundraising Chair*
        3. Social Chair

      If you are on the list to go to the regional conference this spring, your $65 is due TOMORROW. We apologize for short notice on this.

      We will also have a news update from Johanna and internship presentation by Flunker.

      Can't wait to see you there!