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    If I come to MSOE as a Nursing student, do I need to get the technology package or is that only necessary for engineers?

    Kelli Rutkowski

      I'm trying to decide on a laptop to buy for my senior year of high school since the rest of my family is also going to school and working full time and we will all need computers to do our work, so I need to buy myself a laptop. The issue is that if I buy myself one now, should I buy a cheap one that will get me through the year or so where I would then get a new one with the technology package when I hopefully come to MSOE? or should I buy a good, quality one that will last a long time and will not be replaced when I enter college? I'm sorry If I am being confusing, but I am confused myself and I can't find anything on the main site that is in regards to my question. Please help!