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    Codi Alger

      This year, we will have Engineering Discovery Days on campus April 10th and 11th for high school PLTW students. The last time we had EDD on campus was back in 2012, so some of you might not be familiar with it.


      It is two full days for high school students to experience hands-on activities that showcase different types of engineering.  As a participating Student Org you still get to put together hands-on ‘challenges’ that the students will take part in, BUT you do it once in the morning (a 9-11am session is held) and once again in the afternoon (noon-2pm session).


      The hands-on sessions will only last 25 minutes max and you will see a max of 20 students during each rotation (3 rotations in the A.M. and 3 rotations in the P.M.) 


      There will be a budget for each selected Student Orgs to purchase materials for their hands-on activities as well as a monetary thank you for your org!


      There are only 6 spots open for student orgs and spots will fill quickly! Please contact me directly to reserve your spot.


      Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions/ideas you may have.


      Codi Alger

      Coordinator of Pre-College Programs

      P: 414.277.7207