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    Demand for Linux Skills Rises

    Walter Schilling

      Demand for Linux skills rises - Computerworld


      "Computerworld - Demand for people with Linux skills is increasing, a trend that appears to follow a shift in server sales.

      Cloud infrastructure, including Amazon Web Service, is largely Linux based, and cloud services' overall growth is increasing Linux server deployments. As many as 30% of all servers shipped this year will be cloud services providers, according to research firm IDC.

      This shift may be contributing to Linux hiring trends reported by the Linux Foundation and IT careers website Dice, in a report released Wednesday. The report states that 77% of hiring managers have put hiring Linux talent on their list of priorities, up from 70% a year ago.




      In total, 93% of the managers said they plan to hire Linux professionals in the next six months. Not surprisingly, 86% of the Linux professionals responding said that knowing Linux has given them more career opportunities."