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    St. Pat's Sign Up

    Sam Scharles

      If you have not yet signed up to be on our St. Pat's roster and would like to, please do so by Wednesday 2/26 at 4pm!  You can do so on this Google Doc:




      We will be registering our team for the St. Pat's events and would like to have a nearly finalized list of participants.  Remember, you can be on multiple team rosters but can only participate with one team at an individual event.  If you donate food or tabs, you are also considered a member of our team and should sign up for our roster.  Even if you are not a member of SWE, you can participate on our team!


      If you cannot make any of the events you can still help out our team by:

      • Collecting food or pop tabs - contact a SWE officer/chair about collecting your donation.
      • Voting for our SWE candidate in the St. Pat election
      • Advertising to your friends to collect food/tabs and to vote for our candidate!