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    Does MSOE have a Fencing Club?

      I was told a month or so ago that MSOE does indeed have a fencing club, or at least DID have a fencing club. I called over to the Kern center where they told me that we have all of the equipment, but they were not sure if the club is currently active.


      How do I find out if the club is active? If it is inactive right now but we have the equipment and an interested group, how do we get the club going again?


      I know several potential incoming students who are very excited about a fencing club, and I would like to have some better information for them. Any thoughts?


      Thank you!!

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          Brody Brown

          Well if MSOE ever did officially support a fencing club there must be some sort of paperwork in its records saying so along with various release forms in case somebody got hurt. If those could be found they would have to have the names of the last members on it along with info on when it was shut down or abandoned if it was and if not who is in charge of it officially right now. Probably the best way to find this type of paperwork would be to talk to whoever is in charge of the budget at the Kern center because they would have records of who signed off on the equipment, which should be the start of a paper trail to the rest of that paperwork. Or at least that is how I would look into this type of situation.

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            Thank you Cheryl and Brody for your input. Hopefully there are ten really enthusiastic fencing students by next year! Fingers crossed

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              J Maki

              Yes, there is a Fencing Club at MSOE. We meet on Mondays from 8-10pm in K178. I am the president of the club for the next year, let me know if you have any questions about it.