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    Daniel E. Sahs Memorial Award for Service - Information

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      Each year MSOE is PROUD to present an outstanding student volunteer the Daniel E. Sahs Memorial Award for Service at the Annual President's Student Leadership Dinner (held in early May).

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      About the Award: The Daniel Sahs Memorial Award for Service was established in the spring of 1996. Dan Sahs, born August 27, 1975, was an MSOE sophomore at the time of his death in May 1995. With the many gifts donated in honor of his memory, Dan's family created the award to recognize each year a student who exemplifies Dan's spirit of service and involvement in the life of MSOE and the greater community. The award consists of $250 and a plaque.


      Who is eligible for nomination?
      - All MSOE students are eligible for nomination.
      - The student must also have an overall GPA above 2.5 (the Student Life Office will verify all nominees' GPA's).


      Students, staff, faculty, student organizations and individuals are encouraged to nominate an outstanding student(s). Students can also self-nominate (just as you would if you were applying for a personal scholarship).


      ON-LINE NOMINATION FORM: (2014 Award Deadline will be 4/10/14)


      Questions, please contact Rick Gagliano 414-277-7228 or gagliano@msoe.edu


      These awards are presented at the at the Annual Student Leadership Dinner on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014.  This dinner is hosted by the President of MSOE, Dr. Hermann Viets.  All nominees are invited to the dinner and will receive an invitation to this dinner.    http://www.msoe.edu/events/1145