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    MSOE Rube Goldberg Team Takes Second Place

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      To the MSOE Rube Goldberg Team for taking 2nd place at their first collegiate competition!

      The team competed against 4 other teams in the Midwest area at Purdue University.

      The goal this year was to zip a zipper in 20 or more steps.

      The theme was following a thief as he tried to steal a prized jewel from an estate.

        Congratulations again to the team!


      RG1.jpg     RG2.jpg

      The winning team members were:

      Ruth Spragins, Eryn Goriup, Colin Bekta, Allie Graves, Danny Ochoa, Kevin Lee, Grant Boesiger, Rose Buchmann, Ryan Minor, Daniel Strycharz, Drew Overly, Steven Quan, Daniel Skinner and Elizabeth Schmitt

      Rube Goldberg Team...you make us all PROUD!

      Thanks for your service to our campus and to our community!