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    Computer Cables Galore

    Jozef Del Castillo

      Most of the cables listed below have never been used!

      Power Cables


      5x       6ft. 18AWG      $3ea

      3x      10ft. 18AWG     $4ea

      1x       5ft. 18AWG       $2

      1x       6ft. 18AWG       $3100px-IEC_60320_C5.svg.png

      Video Cables


      1x     6ft. VGA                                                         $3

      1x     6ft VGA extension (female to male)            $4

      1x     6ft DVI                                                             $4

      Network Cables


      4x      10ft. Cat 5e       $4ea

      Audio Cables



      1x     6ft. 3.5mm stereo & mic aux (male to male)         $2audio.jpg

      Data Transfer Cables


      1x         6ft. IEEE 1394                $34pin_to_4_pin_firewire_cable.jpg
      1x      6ft. USB A to USB B            $3Image 2.jpg
      1x        6ft. USB A to RJ45????      1 Wheat PennyUSB-A-male-to-RJ45-plug-cable.jpg

      You can buy the cables individually or $50 takes the whole lot of them.


      Thanks for looking,


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