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    What is the current status of mobile printing for MSOE?

    Gerald Soriano
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      I have been in talks with some faculty/staff about mobile printing across mobile devices, specifically smart phones and tablets.

      Imagine, being late to class and you forgot to print out your essay. You rush out of your room forgetting your computer and the only mobile device that you have is your smart phone. Now, your class is located a fair distance away from the library so you won't be able to print your essay using a laptop. However, you stored your essay on your MSOE Box account. With your smart phone you were able to access your essay and print it out right before coming to class. 

      With mobile printing, I was hoping that you will be able to print from the mobile devices I specified above. Overall, its just a convenient service to have but I am curious as to its current development and the technology already available.

      Does anyone else know about the current standing of MSOE mobile printing?


      Thank you to Dana Grennier, Walter Schilling, and Mark Sebern for listening to my talk about mobile printing today.


      Hopefully this could be a potential service for MSOE in the future!


      Thank you,

      Gerald Soriano

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          Paul Fabian

          I'm certain this is something we can look at. Along those same lines, as an engineering school, I'd like to see more people adopt a digital approach.


          Imagine you're running late to class, and your essay is saved as a PDF on your MSOE Box account. You open Box on your mobile device and share the PDF with your instructor. Done. Now with the extra time you have, you stop at Starbucks and get a half-caff, soy, pumpkin spice venti latte with caramel drizzle. Already the day is better.


          I realize this won't be the case with everything, and printing will probably never completely go away, but one can dream.

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            Jen Haro

            I agree with you Gerald Soriano that mobile printing would be a great addition to the printing services that we currently offer. I also agree with Paul Fabian that it would be fantastic to see less printing/copying overall at MSOE. I know that the second part isn't always a popular notion, but we look at lowering costs whenever we can and paper-reduction (not necessarily elimination) is always something to consider.


            Back to the mobile printing question, we have already started the process of reviewing solutions that would add the mobile ability to our existing physical systems. Given the variety of devices and operating systems out there in the mobile classification, it is a challenge to find a solution that will provide the same level of service for all users.


            We will continue to evaluate and consider the impact of the different mobile printing options at MSOE. I welcome input on the topic from you and any other student/faculty/staff member that would like us to know what they would like to see implemented.


            Thanks for the props for the addition of Box services and keep an eye out for more exciting additions to the MSOE technology portfolio!