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    IEEE Opportunity

    Sam Voss

      I recently received an email for all IEEE students with this great opportunity, to write an article, essay or opinion piece (as a student, faculty or professional) for IEEE Potentials. Please see below for details!

      "My name is Larry Martin and I’m the student editor for IEEE Potentials, an international publication dedicated to students and young professionals.


      I’m writing to you today to notify you that the magazine is currently soliciting articles, essays, and opinion pieces from students, faculty, and professionals. This is a great opportunity for those interested to submit articles on their unique viewpoints and cutting-edge ideas. Articles can be technical by nature and feature formulated concepts and their applications, or opinions on relevant topics, just as a few examples. It’s also a great means for students to present and publish the research and projects that they’re working on. To browse through previous issues of Potentials, please visit the link below (all IEEE members have access to Potentials articles in IEEE Xplore):



      More information on the submission process can also be found at http://www.ieee.org/potentials.  

      IEEE Potentials, which is published bi-monthly, acts as an international forum that fosters the sharing of diverse ideas about the engineering profession. With a North American readership of over 50,000 and an international readership of over 100,000, there really is no better way for a student or young professional to gain such large-scale exposure for their work and ideas. I have attached a flyer regarding this invitation to submit articles as well.


      I would greatly appreciate you distributing this email and notification to those who you think might be interested in this opportunity.


      If you or any recipients of this solicitation have any questions, please feel free to contact the IEEE Magazines Managing Editor, Craig Causer (c.causer@ieee.org), the Potentials Editor-in-Chief, David Tian (david.tian@ieee.org), or myself (lmartin@ieee.org).


      Thanks very much,

      Larry Martin"