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    Award Letters

    Kassidy Girmscheid

      I have not gotten an award letter from the financial aid office yet. When will those be sent out?

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          Gerald Soriano

          Heather Cooper, could you help her out?

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            Thank you for your question.  Our office typically asks for  2-3 weeks to process an award offer once the FAFSA form is received.  Unfortunately, sometimes we have to make changes to a student's FAFSA, which may have been initiated the the student/family or our office may have made the correction.  These changes require our office to send a correction to the Department of Education.  Because we are at the mercy of the Department of Education this can put a delay in the awarding of a student's financial aid by one to two weeks.  At this time we are awaiting a correction to come back for you.  You should hopefully have an award offer by the middle of next week. 


            Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  414-277-7222 or cooperh@msoe.edu



            Heather Cooper

            Assistant Director

            MSOE Financial Aid Office