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    2014 Fall Freshman

    Brett Samuelson

      Hello! My name is Brett and I am an incoming freshman. I would love to be a part of the orchestra next year if possible. I have played viola since 4th grade and have always loved playing in my school orchestras. I would love it if I could continue playing throughout college as well. So, how can I be a part of the MSOE orchestra and/ or who should I talk to? Thanks!

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          Walter Schilling

          I'm the adviser for the group.  The first thing that I can say is bring you instrument to campus next fall.  (OK, that seems a bit redundant, but, actually not having instruments is one of the largest problems students have.)  Beyond that, we will have an information night most likely in week #1 or #2 and will start rehearsing shortly thereafter.  Follow this group and you'll get more information.  We'll also be present at student org fairs for accepted students as well as during welcome week.