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    Grad Rate

    Corban Rowland

      According to the Noble Network College Bot, MSOE's 6yr minority grad rate is a 33%. However, the overall 6yr grad rate is 58%. Why is this so?

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          Hey Corban!


          Although this statistic is accurate, it's a bit outdated. These numbers all relate back to our overall graduation rate. Since increasing our requirements a few years ago, we are on track to have a minority graduation rate of over 60%!! However, we won't be able to notice the change until we hit that six year mark, in about 2 years or so.


          Hopefully this helps! If you have further questions about it, our Vice President of Admissions Timothy Valley would be a great person to connect with.



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            Seandra Mitchell

            Hi Corbin, all of the prior response have definitely been correct! With our higher academic requirements for admission, our retention rates have certainly increased, and continue to increase. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me as well. Just give our office a call: (800) 332-6763 and I'll be more than happy to chat further. Thanks!