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    I can't register for senior weekend.

    Spencer Neilan

      I want to register for senior weekend, but the button just hangs there. Tested on chrome and firefox. Please fix it in the next 24 hours.

      I attached a screenshot.


      I'll just add it to my list of things wrong with the Hub

      1) No students wanted it in the first place, the old website worked really well.

      2) Many buttons don't work, images that say "click here" for this and that, that don't do anything

      3) Why are so many vital documents just stuffed under user "digital marketing"? Many of these documents should have their own page, not some word document you have to download each time to view.

      4) Why is the Academic calendar just a docx you have to download to view?

      5) It won't save your password with cookies, which is rather inconvenient. It won't even save your password across multiple tabs on a browser. It means the cookies are broken.

      6)  Employers have a hard time figuring out how to use the website, and some have even declined to come to job fairs because of it.

      7) What's with the badges? Who cares? People treat this website as utility. You come here, and get what you need, and leave. It serves it's purpose. Anything extra just wastes time. MSOE students aren't here to waste time.

      8) The "place order" button when making purchases on the Hub doesn't work. It just hangs there. I've tried multiple times, using Chrome and Firefox. I just hope I haven't been charged multiple times.

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          Kip Kussman

          Hi Spencer!


          Wow that is quite the list. Let me see if I can address these concerns for you. Since this document was started a while ago there are likely issues that have been fixed from your list.


          1. I wouldn't say no students wanted Hub. We did quite a bit of research to prepare for launching the site. Even though we have ran into some glitches with the new site, Hub was still a project in response to a student demand. In terms of the old site, certainly we were all used to it and could locate things easily, however, it was quite outdated, and in terms of best practice, we needed to develop a new site.


          2. Can you provide any specific places/pages where these buttons aren't working . If there are dead links I don't know about I will want to get those fixed right away. Thanks for reporting that.


          3. Digital Marketing was the original author and uploader of the content on Hub and over time that will change. If you are logged into Hub, you don't have to download the document to view it. It will appear automatically. If you are concerned about having to log in each time just a few a document, you can actually remain logged in for 8 hours. There is a 2 hour browser time, so after 2 hours of inactivity it will appear that you have been logged out, but you'll find that by clicking log in again, your session will be restored.


          4. The academic calendar is an actual static page and you can find it here:http://www.msoe.edu/community/campus-life/student-resources/page/2322/academic-calendar


          5. The inability to save a password is a security issue. Given that your network password contains information linked to grades and financial aid we aren't willing to compromise the security of that.While it would be nice to not have to enter that information every time, it's a good thing that we do.


          6. I haven't heard from anyone in Career Services that we have lost potential employers due to the site, or that they haven't attended job fairs but I certainly don't know everything! I will follow up with them to get any feedback they might have about this. Thanks for letting me know about that. That would be an issue that we would be a top priority to address.


          7. The badges are a gamification add on. I was a bit hesitant at first myself as to how it would be received, but we actually got some great feedback from the prospective students who earned all their badges right away and wanted to know ho w to get more! Some of the other types of users had little interest in it but that was to be expected. Our website is both a static and dynamic site. It isn't designed to just consume information. It caters just as much to web 2.0. Having said that, the badges are certainly not a requirement to the site. Feel free to just ignore them!


          8. Senior weekend registration went live this week and this would be the first reported bug. We will continue to take a look but have been unable to recreate it. Would you like to stop by my office? I'd be happy to help.


          I hope this clears up some of the concerns on your list, We are always looking for student feedback (both what they like and what they don't) so please let me know if you have any thoughts on how we can make the site better!