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    Many Questions in Regard to transferring into MSOE

    Jacob Mirowski
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      Hello! I'm looking for information on the topic of transferring into the school. A few questions that i had were how do i see if my PLTW credits will transfer into MSOE and how i would go about seeing what classes that these credits would apply towards.. If anybody could give me an answer i would really appreciate it, Thanks!

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          I don't know what PLTW credits are but you can search yoru school using the link above.  If PLTW credits are any type of military credits, they most likely won't transfer.  Good luck.

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            Hi Jacob,

            Do you know if you filled out the paperwork for your PLTW credits to be transferred here after you took the course in high school?  Each course comes in a little bit differently even for each major.  Perhaps we can get Mary Nielsen in on this conversation?  Otherwise contacting our Registrar's Office is a great place to start: 414.277.7215!

            Hope this helps!

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              Stephan Thomas


              You would first need to apply to have the Project Lead the Way credit to be added to a college transcript by submitting an application to your Project Lead the Way affiliate office; you can find the affiliate office in the area where you completed the PLTW coursework via their website which is pltw.org. The application can be obtained through the affiliate office and submitted with your payment to them. They would then add the credit to a transcript via that office's affiliate school.


              Once the credit is added to the affiliate school's transcript, you should request your transcript be sent to the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Then depending on what your major would be while attending MSOE and what PLTW course or courses you took we would waive a course that is required for your program.


              Any specific questions, please contact me at thomass@msoe.edu.

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                Stephan Thomas

                Hi Jacob-


                In case you haven't seen my reply below, I would be the PLTW liason in the Registrar's Office so I gave you the generic directions below on how you can apply to get the credit entered on a transcript through PLTW because you would need to apply for the credit through the PLTW office in the state where you took the course. Once you have that entered on a college transcript, you can request that it be sent to the MSOE Registrar's Office.Then based on what your major is at MSOE and what PLTW class you took there is a potential for a required course for your major to be waived. It really does depend on what PLTW class you took and what your major will be at MSOE; as an example if you took one of the biomedical engineering PLTW course and came into MSOE as an Architectural Engineering student, you wouldn't receive the waived credit because, obviously, the PLTW course wouldn't be applicable to your major. Therefore to get the best answer of how your PLTW course will affect your academic requirements at MSOE, please contact me via thomass@msoe.edu.