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    WTS: Metal Loft and Mini-Fridge

    Peter Kaas

      I’m selling my metal loft that I built at the beginning of last year after the dorms made me get rid of my wooden one.

      It’s made of 1-¼” metal piping with Kee Klamp connectors. It’s very sturdy, very stable, fairly lightweight and is built to fit one of the black bed frames. You can adjust the bed height a bit, fit a futon under it, and fully disassemble it to move it. In general, much better than the College Products lofts.


      Best of all, MSOE will allow it in the dorms.


      I need to ask $225 for it. I know it’s a lot, but you spend at least $150 to rent a loft anyway, and if you use it for two years, you’ve made your money back with interest. Even if you only use it for one year, remember that it’s yours to sell, and you can resell it for at least $150 no problem.




      I’m also selling a black GE mini-fridge with a proper freezer. It’s similar to this GE Mini-Fridge with True Freezer, but I bought mine a few years back. It works great, but I’m graduating and don’t need it anymore, so I’m going to sell it for $80.




      If you have questions, want pictures, etc. just email me at kaasp@msoe.edu.



      Peter Kaas

      SE ‘14


      P.S. If you’ve got any younger siblings coming to MSOE, you might consider these as a nice investment for them.