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    MSOE SkillsUSA Chapter

    Jill Brebeck

      Hey everyone,

           My name is Jill, I am going to be a freshman at MSOE this coming fall and I am looking to start a SkillsUSA chapter. I am currently the President of my High School Chapter (Watertown High School) and want to remain super active in SkillsUSA. I am looking for others that would be interested in Joining SkillsUSA. Some of you may know what SkillsUSA is but for those who don't, we are an organization of Students, Teachers, and Advisers working together to better prepare America's future work force! That's the technical definition of the organization. Basically we are an awesome group of people going to district, regional, state, and national competitions and competing in skills that are aimed towards our future careers. For example, I am going into nursing so I compete in the First Aid/CPR competition, but there is a wide range of competitions from prepared speech, to Automated Manufacturing, to Culinary and Photography, to Drafting and Job interview (attached is a roaster of all the STATE competeions, there are still more at a national level). So back to the point, like I said, I'm looking for other students interested in the organization, you can look them up on line just google either SkillsUSA Wisconsin or SkillsUSA Nationals and find out more. In order to start an organization we need a President and a Vice President, I have already found an Adviser who would be willing to take that role. I am more than willing to be President as I have experience in the area and have been sort of starting this all as well but I would also need at least one more person to be my VP and then some other various officers (i.e. secretary, treasurer, parli, etc.). For more info or if you are interested you can email me at jillbrebeck@yahoo.com or respond on here!