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    Bikes on Campus

    Paul Wichmann

      My sister attend college in California in a town considered the 2nd safest community in the United States but got her locked bike stolen right outside her residence hall.  I want to bring my bike to school but how concerned should I be about it getting stolen?  What safe guards do I need to take?  Any other advise?

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          Kip Kussman

          Hey Paul!


          Milwaukee is a very bike friendly community and many of our students bring a bike to campus. Lt. Billy Fyfe might be able to give you some pointers and helpful info on safeguards and advice.

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            Billy Fyfe

            Hi Paul.  My name is Billy Fyfe and I'm a Lieutenant with the MSOE Public Safety Department.  The MSOE campus is a very safe campus.  The MSOE Public Safety Department rents bike locks for $15.00.  These bike locks are very durable.  You can use the bike lock for as long as you wish.  You can even return the bike lock when you are finished using it and receive your $15.00 back.  There is a Bike Corral located within the MSOE Athletic Field and Parking Complex. This enclosed corral, equipped with a card access system, is monitored by Public Safety’s video surveillance system. Bicycles must be registered with the Public Safety Department prior to gaining access into the Bike Corral. Once inside the corral, all bicycles must be secured using a high security lock.  Bicycle parking in this area is available on a first come first serve basis.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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