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    What a Remarkable Day

    Subha Kumpaty

      Congratulations to all our graduates! 

      Was a great joy to see MSE students Ge, Hooyman, Kulkarni, Slightam, Stack, Sumner, Thrasher, Yue, Zangana, Zhao, Zidek walk through the commencement and to locate several undergraduates I knew from various disciplines: for example, Michelle Hasse (Biomolecular) and Jenna Staffaroni (Biomedical) from Mentor program; Esther Bieszk (Biomedical) whom I mentored in 2013 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (heading for Ph.D. at Marquette); Jenna Staffaroni, Brad Brossard (ME) and Ben Coopland (ME) whom I took on International Research Experience for Students to India last summer; not to mention several other ME students out of our largest 100+ graduating class that I personally knew as their professor; and my senior design project team from FHL (Holterling, Fuhring, Schacht, Reger) who developed a Coffee Bean Husker for potential use by African farmers.  Was tough to say bye to a great student Alex Fuhring who did a superb FHL thesis. 

      I am sure all will reminisce their personal stories and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to interact with such a global citizenry at MSOE doorstep and truly what a neat experience to be teaching at this unique place.  I love it, MSOE!  What a blessing!