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    Does PLTW have any interest or offerings in Cyber security?

    Ryan Miller

      MSOE Cyber Raider Organization for Networking (CRON) is a student run group for students to share an interest in computer security and IT. We participate in formal and informal competitions against other teams. We are currently participating in two competitions.

      1) The "Collegiate Cyber Defense competition" (CCDC) simulates participants defending a corporate network against the former IT team. This former IT team is played by professional security professionals who try to attack IT services like email, websites, databases, etc..

      Winners advance to regional and national rounds, with the possibility of being considered for Internships and entry level positions in the IT security industry.

      (our team took First place this year, and are going on our 2nd school sponsored trip  to the famous Defcon security conference in Los Vegas) 


      2) "Cyber wars" is less formal competition like the CCDC where local teams attack as well as defend against other teams.


      CRON also has relationships with industry professionals in the field, who come on campus to demonstrate and share knowledge with students.

      We also have our own computer lab on campus in the Rader School Of Business to simulate competitions and practice our IT administration skills.


      Unfortunately I learned that my high school became involved in PLTW after i graduated but as student liaison for CRON, I would like to share the resources I discovered with future MSOE students.  Is this something the PLTW might be interested in sharing with its participants?


      Cyber Raider Organization for Networking (CRON)


      I would be interested in working with PLTW if we are a good match and the interests exists with the students. We generally meet after 5pm on Fridays but are expanding our efforts in the summer.



      Ryan Miller


      Mgmt Info Sys -2014

      Student assistant Network Administrator - MSOE

      School Liaison - Cyber Raider Org Networking