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    Still looking for a roommate!

    Jacob Paiser
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      My name is Jacob Paiser. I am going to be a Freshman during this upcoming school year. I am going to start out studying mechanical engineering and then possibly switching later down the road. I am looking for a roommate that would be fun to live with, social, and have similar likes as me. Please reply if you would like to become roommates.



      I went to Milwaukee Lutheran High School where I played football, baseball, ran track and swam. I love exercise so I am also looking for a workout partner. I am planning on running track during college where i run the 400m and 200m dash.



      I love doing outside activities and just being with friends. I am a team player and I like helping others. I am also very serious about my studies and I know when I need to quiet down and get my work done.



      I also like playing video game (PS3 mainly, hopefully PS4 soon)



      If you want to make sure that you have a fun roommate, please comment below a little about yourself and what your likes are.