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    Why is the IT department so impossible to reach.........

    Nathan Gray
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      Now do me a favor. Hit the search bar on this page and type IT. What comes up? Nothing. Yes so awesome! Now type IT: Information technology. Oh look there exists a page. Now just for fun, as shown below just above the title of the "Place", is the file path. The file path shows that the link to this page should be on the Student Resources page. Click on it and search the whole page, you can even try a control F and then type in IT. ZERO RESULTS.

      Now for the kicker. Try calling the IT phone number. Now if nobody picks up you figure it would go to a voicemail right? You would be wrong again. You get a generic Cisco unity response asking you to dial the proper extension and when you don't you get disconnected from the call.

      And on top of that the whole reason why I was trying to reach IT is because the horrible password reset application doesn't work, of course.

      So I'd love if you could contact me with the cell phone number I provided to MSOE or maybe provide a number that works or valid hours that you are available since I have called half a dozen times from 4:30-6:00pm today and have gotten to answer, while your page says you are available till 7pm mon-fri. Or better yet lets fix the password reset application that in my 2 years here at MSOE has NEVER worked.

      My rant is now over.

      thank you for your time.