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    Commuter for 3 years

    Jonathan Kuderer

      I'm a senior this year and I've commuted to school for every year. I've been able to stay active on campus and get to know a lot of people.


      I'm helping with the presentation for commuter students.  I want to know what things you want covered. What hints, tips, and tricks do you want to be successful at MSOE?

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          John Krenzer

          I've been commuting for 3 years as well, from South Milwaukee and from Waukesha. The main topic I feel should be covered would be managing time being especially critical for commuter students. Depending on the distance, slight weather changes can (and personally have) affect a commute that is regularly 20 mins by over an hour. The best tips I would give are Watch the weather (or look it up) the night before and have a plan, as well as use the outlook calender to see how your day will look. When living on campus time seems to just be there but for a commuter there has to be time set aside for transportation.


          Additionally, setting a location and possibly time for studying on campus could be a grade saver. If living at home other distractions (friends, parents, pets, etc.) may get in the way. So I recommend setting aside an open time when most students living on campus would go to their dorm, and use that to get homework done and study. that way it is not as easily interrupted and personal time can be used for overflow homework if needed.


          I hope this is helpful for you!

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              Sarah Rowell

              I definitely agree with John that having a place to study away from your living space is a good idea. I would always start cleaning or laundry just to avoid my homework (yep, that's how bad a procrastinator I was). I got myself in the habit of going to the Walter Schroeder Library and that saved me by forcing me to focus on the work at hand.