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    Will MSOE offer free passes to Gold's Gym again this year?

    Stephanie Lynn

      I heard from another student that passes will cost $5 each.  If this is the case, it would be more convenient and cost effective for students who regularly go to buy their own membership to the gym.  Since I have been a competitive swimmer for 6 years, it is really disappointing that MSOE doesn't have a pool for its students to use.  I also know of many other students who enjoyed the group exercise classes offered by Gold's and the amenities like the hot tub and sauna.

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          Nick Seidler

          Hi Stephanie.  MSOE does care about making sure that students have access to a swimming pool.  However, the cost of providing free Gold's Gym passes is rather significant.  A single day pass to Gold's costs $15 for a visit.  In order to be sure that students still have access to the pool and other Gold's Gym amenities we have been able to work out a deal with Gold's to get the passes at a reduced cost.  It is true that the passes will be $5 this coming year, but that is still a significant savings over the cost of obtaining a standard day pass.


          Gold's memberships range in pricing on how one buys in to their program.  Currently, a standard month-to-month Gold's membership cost $249, plus $20 a month after that for the limited time of the membership.  A one year membership has a buy in of $79 and after that it costs $55 a month for a total cost of $739.    One can also buy a two year membership which costs $199 as the starting buy in, and then an additional $20 per month for two years for a total cost of $679.  Hopefully this info may help those considering their own memberships.