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    Which Visit is Right

    Hailey Butler
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      I'm a prospective student (senior in high school) and I was wondering, between the open house and senior/junior visit day, which is better for my situation? I like that the open house ends with a program on my intended area of study, but honestly I don't see a huge difference between the two and don't know what to choose! Please help, any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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          Hi Hailey,


          Open Houses are great FIRST events for students who simply want to learn a little more about MSOE. There are a lot of great benefits to it like being able to meet with faculty and students as well.


          Senior Visit Days are campus visits on a much smaller scale. You will still receive an admissions presentation and a student-led tour of campus. With Senior Visit Day tours, your group will be a little smaller, which might be nice for you to be more vocal with your questions throughout the tour. At the end of the tour you come back to eat lunch and mingle with admission counselor and current students. I think for where you are at in the college search process, a senior visit day is a good start for you.


          Once you have made it through the admission process, if/when you are accepted, I highly encourage coming back to campus for an Accepted Student Day. ASD's are designed to give accepted students the next level of information while showing you guys some appreciation for your interest and acceptance to MSOE.


          Feel free to e-mail me at meinholz@msoe.edu or call me at (414)-277-7262 if you would like to talk through which visit is right for you in further detail.



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            Hailey Butler

            Thank you! I have signed up for the senior visit on Friday, October 24th, and I'm so excited! Elle Meinholz