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    Managing Stress- 21 day meditation challenge

    Debra Jenks

      I am challenging all of you to join me in a 21 day meditation challenge-- it's free and on your own time. 

      There is a pretty compelling body of evidence that meditation helps in many ways.  Check this WEbMD article: Meditation Health Benefits and Stress Reduction


      And, sign up for Oprah and Deepack's   21 day meditation challenge    https://chopracentermeditation.com/  HURRY, the official challenge starts today, but you can join anytime during the 21 days.


      Best spots for meditating on campus, weather depending:  roof of Grohman, MSOE soccer field,  MSOE chapel on 3rd floor CC.               



      Let me know what you think.......Namaste


      Dr. Jenks