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    Biking to class

    Matthew Czaplewski
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      Does anyone who lives off-campus use or plan to use a bicycle as their primary method of getting to class? I'm trying to decide if it's a feasible option for my commute, at least on days with fair weather (I live about nine miles away).

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          Nicole Alexandria Baylon

          Hi Matthew!

          Though I do not use bikes as my way of transportation to get to campus, I do have some information you might find useful if you did decide to bike to campus.


          MSOE has multiple bike racks all throughout campus. Here is what the policy states about bike parking which can be found here: MSOE Student Parking Policy


          Bicycle Parking

          Bicycles should be secured to one of the MSOE bicycle racks located around the campus.   Some of these locations are: 501 E. State Street, 1121 N. Milwaukee Street, 912 N. Milwaukee Street, 1025 N. Broadway Street, 1036 N. Broadway Street, and 1245 N. Broadway Street. Bicycle parking is also available at Pamela and Hermann Viets Parking Complex, located at 1305 N. Broadway Street. A Bike Corral is located within Pamela and Hermann Viets Parking Complex on the Market Level. This enclosed corral, equipped with a card access system, is monitored by Public Safety’s video surveillance system. Bicycles must be registered with the Public Safety Department prior to gaining access into the Bike Corral. Once inside the corral, all bicycles must be secured using a high security lock. Bicycle parking in this area will be available on a first come first serve basis.  Do not secure bicycles to trees, sign poles, benches, or other items not intended for that purpose. Do not park bicycles on walkways, patio areas, or on the mall.  Campus bicycles racks are for bicycles that are being used on a frequent basis and not for long-term winter storage, or storage over the summer months between academic years. Bicycles that are obviously not being used for extended periods of time will be removed and discarded as abandoned.


          I would say that if the weather is nice and you are used to biking those distances, then go for it If not, then I would definitely recommend testing the road and the distance to MSOE over the summer if you can. Plan and test different routes to campus ahead of time so you know which route works best for you. Also take into account the amount of books you could possibly be carrying. Also know the bike laws in Milwaukee!

          I hope this helps a little!

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            Mark Anderson

            I live quite a bit closer, (just under three miles) but I commute to MSOE by bike. For me, it works very well especially since there is a bike lane on the road pretty much all the way to MSOE. Also, it is very convenient to not have to deal with parking.  

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              John Krenzer

              As a commuter myself, I recommend doing whatever you can to avoid having to park. The only thing you need to worry about is weather. Though it may be nice in the morning, it may change throughout the day. Make sure to check the weather for the entire day (maybe even download the weather channel app) to make sure your ride home is fine as well. Rain and traveling with laptops don't mix.

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                Abigail Johnson

                I am not a commuter and live on campus but nine miles seems like a large distance to bike. I know I would probably not do that but if you can bike for that many miles to get here than go for it! You can always change your mind later.