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    Random Stuff

    Donnie Bogle

      I've got some random stuff I'm trying to get rid of. I'm trying to get rid of things more than make money so give me a reasonable offer if something seems interesting to you.

      I have an Army rucksack that I bought at an Army Surplus store (looks similar to this). I used it once and it was too small for my torso (I'm 6'2"). It is a cool old thing and I've heard it's super comfy if it fits you right. If you want pictures or if you want to try it on, let me know. I can sell it for $35.

      I also have a female MSOE Athletics watch that hasn't been worn once. It's a really nice silver watch and would look good at a career fair or interview! I can sell this for $20. If you want a picture or to try it on, then let me know.

      I have a mattress for sale. It's pretty nice and perfect for that new apartment in the new school year. Asking for $30 for it.

      I live close to campus and don't bite. So if you want something then don't be afraid to barter.