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    Student Parking

    Donald Michna

      I heard recently that MSOE will not be permitting students to acquire parking passes  for the Broadway Lot across from the CC building as well as Lot A next to the library. If anything it would mean more money for MSOE if they let students park in the Broadway Lot and Lot A. MSOE has dealt with this problem for years so it can’t be a capacity issue and it would not make sense to be a money issue. Is this true? If so why is this, there is more than enough room for student to park in these lots like previous years.

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          Billy Fyfe

          Hi Donald.  MSOE has never offered daytime parking on the Broadway parking lot or the State Street A parking lot.  These parking lots are reserved for MSOE Faculty and Staff during the day.  You can park on these lots with an evening parking permit starting at 4:00 p.m.  You can park your vehicle on the Milwaukee Street B parking lot which is located east of the Broadway lot for $5.00 per day.  The only other daytime parking available for students is in the MSOE parking structure.  Below is a link to the Student Parking Policy.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


          Lt. Fyfe



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            Nick Seidler

            Lieutenant Fyfe is correct with his answer.  MSOE's parking policy remains the same as as last year with no difference or changes at all.  His answer gives the various parking options offered by MSOE.

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              John Krenzer


              As a commuter, I will also mention that if you have an early class, the street that the parking garage is on, and all around it I believe, the section of water street directly across from that, the hill, and on top of the hill are all free parking. No time limit permitting it's not overnight. Also there are a lot of 2-5 hour parking. I have never paid for MSOE's parking garage due to the price being a bit out of budget. Should these all fill up, there is a $2.00 lot on water street across from AJ Bombers and 10 hr meters (Cheaper ones) behind the kern center.


              Hope this was helpful.