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    Like New and Used Books for Sale

    Brett Peavler

      All books have very little wear from my ownership of them.  Incoming freshman will want to take special interest in these books for sale.


      $25 - The Art of Being Human [HU 100]

      $40 - Humanities Reader (comes with binder) [HU 100]

      $5 - Amusing Ourselves to Death [Certain EN 131 Sections]

      $5 - From Critical Thinking to Argument (3rd Edition) [Certain EN 131 Sections]

      $80 - Technical Communication (13th Edition) [EN 132]

      $90 - Engineering Statistics (5th Edition) [MA 262]

      $70 - Chemistry Atoms First (2012 Edition - Book Only) [CH 200 & CH 201]


      If you are interested in any books you may contact me at peavlerb@msoe.edu and if necessary I can give you my cell phone number.  I move back in to the dorms on Thursday in room 1117 in Margaret Loock Hall and will available then to sell these books.


      Thank You,


      Brett Peavler

      Sophmore SE