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    Papa Yorke

      I'm an incoming freshman and I am wondering what to do about my laptop situation. I have my own laptop and I did not neccessarily want to get the one MSOE would give me unless I absolutely needed it. I was told that it would be better to get the MSOE one because it is hooked up to eveerything and has everything and whatnot but for me, it would incur added money on my already steep tab so far. I now currently have two laptops and my parents don't want the added one if I don't need it. Do we have to get the MSOE one?

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          Kelly-Ann Kato

          The MSOE laptops come with access to the MSOE network where you can download any program that may be needed for a class. Also the MSOE laptops (should) come with programs already installed that you will be using for your major class. And if they aren't already installed then you can get these programs off from the network.