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    Old gaming computer

    Erik Browne

      CE or SE looking to break apart an older system or perhaps someone who would like to play mice craft or less intensive games without a laptop killing your future children? I've got a 6 year old AMD machine up for sale. The parts are so old and cheap I would like to sell them all together.


      AMD Phenom quad core @2.8 ghz. AM2+ socket. comes with scythe cooling tower


      2x2 gb 800 MHz ram. 2x2 gb 1066 MHz ram. Both sets are ddr2


      Gigabyte ATX motherboard. 790 north bridge and 750 south bridge


      AMD HD 4870, 512 mb


      250 gb seagate drive


      Ultra 750 Watt power supply, non modular


      I do have a case, but it's a load of ****. If you want it take it but I haven't considered it in the price.


      $100 OBO