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    Nutrition for Studying...What do you eat to perform well on tests?

      When I was in college, on exam days, I had a morning ritual. I always woke up at least two hours before a test. I would slam a glass of water, shower and take a slow walk to the cafeteria across campus. It was like a meditative walk, since few people were awake, and I was alone in my thoughts. I had learned that meeting other people from class for breakfast made me nervous and anxious as they would ask desperate questions about the test and speak negatively. I had a hard-boiled egg, some toast, a banana and a coffee for breakfast. I left my notes at home or brought them with me to feel safe, but eating was the priority.


      Even though I usually hadn't slept much the night before, I felt just fine taking my test. Why? Well, my breakfast consisted of carbs, protein and fat with a little caffeine. The water helped me rehydrate and eating helped me start metabolizing and absorbing nutrients right away. One coffee was enough caffeine for me. Most of my friends were shaky, irritable and spacey due to having tons of caffeine, chain smoking, and not having enough water, food, nor sleep. They were miserable, running to their tests and studying up to the last second, while I was ready for anything.


      What are you going to eat before your finals? I suggest you make a healthy plan and stick to it! Your food is just as important as your application of knowledge.