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    non-functioning Playstation 3 fat 80GB model, $60 to sell for parts

    Peter Sternkopf

      I have a fat 80GB Playstation 3 that has not worked for some time.  The blu-ray drive and power supply do function, but there were graphical issues with most games.  Eventually, the system wound up shutting off after some time, and had last hit a stage where the system would turn off immediately after turn-on.  I had thouroughly cleaned out/dusted the system, replaced the power supply and the hard drive but to no avail.  I then did a reflow on the main board, but again, with no results.  Thus, I'm looking to sell for parts for those of you who may want to fix up their own systems or have some other project in mind with a blu-ray drive or power supply.


      If you are interested or know somebody who is interested, contact me at "sternkopf@msoe.edu"