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    Setting my status?

    Sarah Higgens

      I've just been accepted to MSOE and am planning for SW Engineering.

      Please tell me how to set my status on this hub

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          Hi Sarah!


          I apologize for the delay in getting an answer to you about this.  Setting your status is similar to what you might do on Facebook.  Here is a link to our Create a Status Reference Guide


          Please let me know if you need anything else.

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              Sarah Higgens

              Thanks this was very helpful!

              Sarah's been accepted and received a scholarship for $10K for academic and

              probably could get the First Robotics for $3k and $1k since her grandfather

              (my dad) graduated from MSOE.


              Even with all these scholarships it's $12k over UW Platteville. Is there

              any chance that MSOE could match that? Sarah's planning to be a Software

              Engineer. It was the MSOE summer camp that you gave her a scholarship to,

              back in 2012 that put her on this course. She took the Focus on Electrical

              Engineering and then double up on math and science starting in her

              sophomore year.



              I know times are financially challenging and it's okay to say MSOE can

              provide that large of scholarship. Hope everything's going well with you.

              You're our favorite person at MSOE because you engage so well. You really

              answer all the questions...we appreciate that!


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                  Hi Sarah (and family)!  So nice to hear from you.  Congratulations on your acceptance.  Since there are personal details in this type of discussion, I think it would be best to move the discussion offline or into an email chain.  The emails can be between yourselves and Sarah's admission counselor, Chao Chang-Xiong or you can call (800) 332-6763.  I also know the admission office is planning some Financial Aid events after the new year.  Perhaps attending one of those may be helpful as well.


                  If you haven't done so already, you may want to do the Early Financial Aid Estimator.  This tool is not required but can provide an estimate as to what type of financial aid (in addition to scholarships) you will qualify for. 


                  I hope this all helps.