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    Proposed changes to the SON curriculum Tracks

    Jane Paige

      To nursing students and nursing faculty - The proposed changes to the SON Curriculum track (traditional and accelerated) was presented to nursing faculty and the SON Student advisory board. I would like to share with all the proposed track. Note, if approved (TBD this year) this would only impact any incoming students.


      I have set this up as a private group for discussion. Please offer your thoughtful and respectful comments here.


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          Gabrielle Ferguson

          Here are the comments from some of the Sophomore Tract A: we mostly are talking about the change that would get rid of Intro to Psychology and keep Interpersonal Communications.

          No. Interpersonal communications taught me nothing where as psy actually did. Basic psy is essential to basic communication skills whereas interpersonal is not

          I agree with (the above)  that interpersonal communications was pointless however I do believe that we should have a communications class. I wish they had a "nursing communications." I think it is important to know how to tell a family member somebody died and stuff like that. I also agree regular psych is essential. They shouldn't get rid of that. Maybe they will incorporate what to say to patients and their families later in courses but I wouldn't have mind a communication class about this.

          I feel concepts covered in interpersonal communications are already covered in sociology and our other psychology classes. Furthermore, while I didn't take Intro to Psych here, I still think that is especially relevant for many nurses, considering a psych minor is so popular.

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            Carly Ademi

            Dr. Paige,


            My apologies for such a delayed response to your request for feedback. I see that the revised proposed new track curriculum has added Foundations of Psychology. Before break, I spoke with some senior nursing students regarding the new undergraduate curriculum changes, specifically in regards to Foundations of (Intro to) Psychology, Sociology, and Interpersonal Communication. In general, the feedback that I received was that Foundations of Psychology was a very important stepping stone to the other required psychology courses in the nursing curriculum. Additionally, psychology concepts and topics are frequently integrated into many of our nursing courses and my peers felt it was important to have a core course dedicated to introducing the student to psychology so as to prepare students for future course work. My peers also felt Interpersonal Communications contained content that overlapped with content in nursing courses and was the most "dispensable" of the three courses, if I can use that term. I personally feel based on the feedback received from my peers and other SAC members that the change made was a positive one. I am also happy to see Sociology was retained in the curriculum.


            I hope you had a wonderful holiday!