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    St. Pats Week 2015 (March 13th-March 21st)

    Student Activities

      St. Pats week is coming!

      Kicking off with the Egg Drop competition on March 13th, and ending with the St. Pats Dance on March 21st!

      You can check out St. Pat's Week for more information!

      The calendar has all of the events.

      The official rules for the overall competition week, as well as the individual competitions are also on the page.

      We are switching it up this year a lot! Many cool new events are being introduced, such as the Cinna-bonfire (bonfire with full size Cinnabons)!

      THE SCAVENGER HUNT IS BACK!!! Up to 5 winners, over $2000 in prize money! Sponsored by GC and WMSE!