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    Commitments to the students by the National Education Association to maintain code of ethics

    Leo Yelverton

      In satisfaction of the commitment to the student, the instructor:


      1. Might not irrationally control the student from free activity in the quest for learning.

      2. Might not irrationally deny the student's entrance to differing perspectives.

      3. Should not deliberately smother or misshape topic important to the student's advancement.

      4. Might attempt to shield the student from conditions hurtful to learning or health and security.

      5. Might not deliberately open the student to humiliation or vilification.

      6. Should not on the premise of race, shading, statement of faith, sex, national starting point, conjugal status, political or religious convictions, family, social or social foundation, or sexual introduction, unreasonably -


      • Avoid any student from interest in any system
      • Deny advantages to any student
      • Give any preference to any student


      7. Should not utilize professional relationships with students for private preference.

      8. Should not uncover information about students got over the span of professional service unless divulgence fills a convincing professional need or is needed by law.