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    Textbooks For Sale

    Dylan Wendt

      I have a few textbooks I am looking to sell for cash. They include:


      Chemistry: Atoms First (1st Edition) by Burdge and Overby

      Physics for Scientists and Engineers (3 Volume hardcover pack, 4th edition) by Giancoli

      Pocket Guide to Technical Communication (5th Edition) by WIlliam Sanborn Pfeiffer

      Stationen: Ein Kursbuch für die Mittelstufe (3rd Edition) by Augustyn/Euba

      Biology Foundations of Life (10th Edition) by Raven, Johnson, Mason, Losos, and Singer


      If anyone is interested in buying these books, they are all in good condition. I am in RWJ 1008, please look up how much the book would cost used, and we can determine a price from there. I will sell them for $10 less than the lowest used price you can find/present to me.


      Dylan Wendt

      (715) 401-1271